How to win Amazon Giveaway efficiently and elegantly in 2017

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How to win amazon giveaway efficiently and elegantly in 2017
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how to win amazon giveaway efficiently and elegantly in 2017

Are Amazon Giveaways for real?

I’ve been seeing some questions on Amazon Giveaway like “Does Anyone Ever Win Amazon Giveaways?”,”How do I win an Amazon giveaway?”,”Are Amazon giveaways fake?”. I also had a conversation with a lady on Facebook when I spread a giveaway I hosted, and she complained,”I have participated so many giveaways, and never won anything”.

Amazon Giveaways are of course for real. Amazon will never allow a fake game to ruin its reputation. What most people do not understand is that the Amazon giveaways are sweepstakes, and sweepstakes are supposed to produce only a few winners. People have to be very very lucky to become one of them. However, there are still something you can do to increase your chance of winning and become the lucky one. Later on this post I’m going to list some tips that you can follow so that you can win Amazon Giveaway efficiently and elegantly.

Also, from the giveaway host’s perspective, the host has to pay for the gift before submitting the giveaway for Amazon to review. After being submitted, the giveaway is totally under Amazon’s control and the host has no way to manipulate the giveaway. The winners are selected by Amazon automatically, and the products are delivered just like other regular orders. So, after knowing how Amazon Giveaway works, I can’t see any possibility that Amazon Giveaway is a fake.

Choose Amazon Giveaways with higher chance of winning if you are desperately trying to win once

Different Amazon Giveaways have different chance of winning. While below first giveaway has 1 in 9000 chance of winning and the chance of second one is unknown, the third one has winning chance of only 1 in 25 ! Actually there are usually Amazon Giveaways with even higher chance, like 1 in 5. If you are desperately trying to win once, please choose those giveaways to enter first. If you do a simple math, you would find out you only need to enter about 5 giveaways with 1 in 5 winning chance before winning something.

Then we have a second question, how do I choose Amazon giveaways with more chance efficiently? After all, Amazon giveaways are not sorted by chance, and everyday there are thousands of giveaways available. A good news is, NewDealCoupons has developed a NewDealCoupons Amazon Giveaways tool, and one of its key features is sorting the giveaways by chance by default. Every time you enter this Amazon Giveaways tool, you will see the Amazon Giveaways with highest chance of winning, just like below screenshot. One thing to note is, Amazon Giveaways of high chance usually end quickly and earlier than expected. If you come across ended ones, please don’t waste your time on being upset, but just go for next one.

Win Amazon Giveaways with NewDealCoupons tool

Choose Amazon Giveaways with lowest chance(usually most valuable) if you already won so many

This is for a person who has already won plenty of Amazon giveaways and as a result is not desperate for more winnings. This is a person that is looking to get a bigger surprise this time. You must note that the big prizes do not come very often. In this case, you need to choose those Amazon Giveaways with lowest chance(usually most valuable). With NewDealCoupons Amazon Giveaways tool you can easily achieve this, just by choosing sort by chance low to high. While doing this, you need to understand big surprises don’t come often,you should probably not count on them so much. So every time after you participate a few of those lowest-chance-but-usually-most-valuable giveaways, please forget them completely.
Win Amazon Giveaways with NewDealCoupons tool

Search Amazon Giveaways and deals on NewDealCoupons before buying anything

When people need to buy something, they usually go to some E-Commerce site like Amazon, select some product and place the order. Now with NewDealCoupons, you have more choices.
Before buying something, do you consider the possibility of saving the whole budget? If you can get them for free, you can save the money for something else. Amazon Giveaways are totally free, including the shipping. makes Amazon Giveaways searchable. So instead of browsing thousands of giveaways page by page,you can find the giveaways of the product you are buying within a few seconds with . Let’s say if you need a hammock, you could search it on NewDealCoupons like below screenshot.
search Amazon Giveaway on

If you didn’t find or win any related giveaways, you could also search Deals on NewDealCoupons like below screenshot. If you can’t get them for free, you can still save big if you find great deals. Some deals are giving very big discounts, almost like giveaways.

Search Deals and Coupons on

Be elegant Amazon Giveaway players rather than crazy players

If you have enough time and energy to go through the whole list of Amazon Giveaways every day, you actually don’t need any giveaway tools. But this is not elegant, and most people can’t do this, or can’t do this too long. They may feel frustrated, and never play the game again and even forget the giveaways completely from then on. With NewDealCoupons Amazon Giveaways tool you can be an elegant giveaway player. You can get most with least time and energy. You would be less likely to be disappointed or frustrated, and start to enjoy this game.

Give us feedback to help improve NewDealCoupons Amazon Giveaways tool

NewDealCoupons Amazon Giveaways tool evolves all the time. If you are facing any troubles when participating Amazon Giveaways, please let us know through email or social media like Twitter or Facebook. We may develop some new features to help you out, and it’s free of charge, and we will appreciate your feedback.

Tell the Amazon Giveaway hosts what you need

For those who hosts Amazon Giveaways regularly(like us,NewDealCoupons), it’s a challenge to choose a product to set up a giveaway. Actually it doesn’t matter to us what to give away, since we are not the person who use them. But it matters to you. If you need something in the near future, you can tell the hosts, and they may choose it next time, and you may get notified, and participate, and may even win it. If any of these did not happen, you lose nothing. If it happens occasionally, it’s a big surprise.



Shopping tips

search deals and coupons now to save your money and time


search Amazon Giveaways now to save all the money


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