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Metal iPhone cases-What you need to know
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Metal iPhone cases-What you need to know
If you enjoy the metal look of your “naked” iPhone but still want to protect it from damage, a metal case may be perfect for you. Repairing screens nowadays are almost as expensive as buying a new phone. iPhones are expensive already without the added costs of damage and damage insurance. While plastic covers protect your iPhone as well, they can end up looking tacky and ruining the sleek look of the original phone. Ensure quality protection with the sleek, professional metal look with metal iPhone cases.


A metal iPhone case can come in a variety of slim and bulky sizes. The smallest cases are the slimmest metal options, provide basic protection and do not compromise the use of the phone. Bulkier options may need some getting used to but offer greater protection. While the slimmer options may look sleeker, bulkier options look more technical and gadget-y. Cases may also increase the size of your phone – especially if it is very bulky. Metal is a little heavier than plastic, but there are many lightweight options available that don’t feel heavy at all.


Metal is considered a premium material, making your phone look stylish and luxurious. Its smooth finishes add a quality feel to the design and come in a variety of colors. Slim and bulky designs are available for your personal preference and cases are available in a variety of colors. With unique designs, metal has a high-quality feeling and does not show wear and tear as fast as other materials. Metal does not take away from the original design of the iPhone and is diamond-cut as it is a very strong type of material.


The metal iPhone 6 plus case range and metal iPhone 6s plus case range allows functionality while protecting your phone. It is important to ensure you can maintain 100% functionality on your phone and your case does not limit that. Depending on the case, it can make button use functionality easier and could provide a wider jack port for earphones than other cases do. Some may be wrist-strap compatible or accessory compatible. With some offering waterproof or dustproof functionality and others offering a better grip, metal cases are a new type of class. Offering a luxurious feel, a style functionally could also be included.


Metal is a very durable and resilient material, allowing protection against not only dropping your phone but against most scratches and dings. Ensure your case has a screen cover or screen protector if you are also looking for prevention of scratches on your screen. Metal is diamond-cut and does not easily crack, chip or break and is therefore great against shock damage. Metal iPhone cases are also sturdy enough to keep the shape of the phone. Remember that incident with iPhones bending? That won’t happen with a strong metal case.


As mentioned above, some covers have waterproof and dustproof protection. Or snow proof and cosmetic protection. Depending on the case chosen, it could offer protection against scratching and cracking. Keeping the shape of the phone, metal is a sturdy material that can absorb shock damage when it is dropped. Preventing most chipping, it can also protect your battery. Other coverings may trap heat from battery use inside the cover, harming your battery. Metal is a heat conductor so, while your case may get a little hot, you know your battery is a lot safer compared.

Screen Protection

The most common reason for buying a phone case is to protect the screen. Not all cases offer screen protection, however, and adhesive protectors can be bought separately for your screen. If your phone does not have scratch-proof glass, you may want to consider that or buying a case with a cover. There are also stick-on screen covers that ensure full functionality and sensitivity of the screen while protecting it from scratches. The metal iPhone 6s plus case and metal iPhone 6 plus case range also has functions to protect your screen from breaking, such as a raised front screen ridge. It also offers more grip.

Port and Control Usage

While most covers ensure the usage of charging and jack ports for your charger and earphones or headphones, not all cases may leave your USB slots, SD card slots and other ports with an accessible area. This means that you would need to remove the cover to use it. Ensure the phone case you are buying is the right type for your phone and will not end up covering the camera, flash or other items and ports. Make sure access to controls like buttons, the screen, microphone, and speakers are not limited either.


Phone covers allow for a variety of designs and personal effects. You can fully personalize covers now, choosing the imaging used of your favorite colors, cartoons, photographs and more. Other styles include precious gems in the case or being studded with metals. Even phone stickers exist. While all of that is great, metal covers are easy to design on when being made due to their malleability when heated. For a quality, premium and rich personalization, metal iPhone cases are perfect. Metal isn’t just one color either – it comes in a variety.

While metal may have some cons, the pros far outweigh them. Don’t cover up your expensive, quality phone with a cheap, flimsy case. Use a metal iPhone case to add an expensive and quality feel to your phone. Metals can come in assorted colors while keeping with the original style of your phone.

Available in a vast variety of unique designs, these phone covers are a [stainless] steel. Originality found in various metal cases make them look like they’re from a science fiction or have an elegant future look. Why buy an expensive phone and place it in a cheap cover? Quality phones deserve quality cases. Don’t let your phone go “naked” – dress it up in luxurious protection and style combined.

Pros of Metal Cases
  • Modern and professional design.
  • Very strong and durable material
  • Protection for your battery and phone.
  • Does not collect fingerprints and smudges as easily as plastic and it is easier to wipe clean.
  • Feels expensive, luxurious and keeps to the original phone style.
Cons of Metal Cases
  • More expensive than other types of cases
  • Can get hot, cold, slippery and be difficult to hold (unless it has grip functionality)
  • Reports have been made about metal interfering slightly with the phone’s signal



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