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LED Desk lamp

Lights and lamps lighten our home, decorate our space, and make the moments at nighttime more enjoyable. There is so much choice in the market of lighting and sometimes it even stress us out while shopping. As the first step to help you out, this post examines the advantages and disadvantages of LED lights, as the traditional lights like incandescent and halogen lights are being phased out and widely replaced by LED lights. Later I will write some other blogs to talk about how to select LED lights wisely.

Advantages of LED lights

Energy efficient

This means your electricity bills would be lowered.
LED lights are dramatically more efficient than almost all of the traditional lights.As claimed by some mainstream manufacturers like Cree, with some chips able to emit more than 300 lumens per watt, LEDs use only about 10% of the energy an incandescent lamp requires(As of 2016).

lumens: a unit that measures the brightness, or the amount of light produced by the bulb
watt: the amount of power consumed by the bulb

Long lifetime

If properly engineered, LED lights can function about 50,000 hours, and the time of complete failure may be even longer!
By contrast, the typical lifetime of fluorescent tubes is around 10,000 to 15,000 hours , and the lifetime of incandescent light bulbs is even shorter, at about 1,000 to 2,000 hours.


LED lights are shock resistance, since it’s made of some solid material, rather than filament , tube or bulb, which can be more easily broken. Furthermore, LED lights can be turned on and off frequently, and the On/Off time is very short(nanoseconds), while fluorescent lamps would be burnt out because of this frequent on-off cycling, and HID lamps need long time to restart. Besides,LED lights are suitable for low temperature, even sub-zero temperature

Color rendering

LED lights can render colors more efficiently with much less costs. These days colorful LED lights decorate almost every corner of the cities. You can also buy some LED products to decorate your home or office, why not?

Environmentally friendly

Unlike fluorescent lamps, LED lights do not contain mercury, or any other hazardous substances. The energy efficiency mentioned above also contributes to the protection of our planet.


The brightness and/or color of LED lights is controllable. Some products even provide touch control panel to switch the brightness level and colors, which is really fantastic.

Disadvantages of LED lights

Although LED lighting is more preferred in most cases and was even regarded as revolutionary replacement of traditional lighting, LED lights have their drawbacks.

More expensive, but…

LED lights are usually more expensive than their traditional counterparts.You can easily notice this when you shopping online or offline. But, that’s only about the initial costs, the money you paid when you buy it.

If you consider the costs of owning it, it may be a different story. the price is just one-time costs, but you have to pay the electricity bills every single month. As mentioned above, your electricity bills can be reduced due to the energy saving feature. The longer lifetime and rugged design mentioned above also reduces the overall costs. You will have to buy a new one and get it installed after longer time, which is always a big plus.

Given those facts, it’s really hard to tell which is more expensive, isn’t it? Not to mention the better performance and experience the LED products provide.

Depends on correctly engineering

It’s straightforward that the quality of same products from different manufacturers would be also different. This is not a problem for you any more, since you have discovered and I believe you will stay tuned. I will write more posts to share some tips and knowledge of LED products in the future, and I will also recommend the products from the online stores that I trusted and have good reputation in the industry.

Voltage sensitivity.

The voltage should be above the threshold and the current should be at a constant flow. If the electric drivers are correctly designed, this would not be a problem. Some LED products even contains built-in rechargeable battery, which also makes the voltage stable.



Shopping tips

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