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There are two solutions of smart home system for lighting: (1) expensive and complicated (2) cheap and simple. After reading my answer, you will find out which one is smarter …

Make your room smart with motion sensor lights

While expensive and complicated home lighting is usually voice control, or controlled by a mobile app and you have to start the app and press some menus or buttons, you don’t need to do anything with motion sensor lights. As motion sensor lights,
1. turned on automatically when you walk towards it
2. turned off automatically when you leave there
3. won’t be activated if the area is already bright, even motion is detected.
Voice control or cellphone control VS automatic, which is smarter?

Different products offer different features and therefore the prices vary, check out Best indoor motion sensor lights in 2017 to see more products that were selected by FirstElegance team.

Where should we use the motion sensor lights?

These lights are designed to light up some dark areas that you don’t stay too long, like hallway, washroom, balcony, corridor, stairs, dark closets, backyard, cabinets, etc and may not be suitable for primary light source.

Make the outside of your home smart with solar powered motion sensor lights

Besides the area mentioned above, motion sensor lights can also be used in outside area, so that the lights turned on automatically when you get home, or walk to the backyard.

In addition to motion sensor, outdoor motion sensor lights have another big advantage: it’s powered by solar. This means you even don’t need to maintain it. You don’t need to buy batteries, or charge the lights time and time again. the outdoor lights are usually weather proof, so it usually withstand for quite a few years even in extreme weather.
A truth is, people spend more on electricity bills than buying the light, as buying is a one time thing, but you have to pay bills every month. with solar powered lights, you don’t need to pay for the electricity.
motion sensor + solar powered = even smarter, simpler and cheaper
Check out this post to see best outdoor motion sensor lights that were selected by FirstElegance team: Best outdoor motion sensor lights in 2017

Use table lamps instead of wall lights to save energy

It usually costs more energy to brighten up the whole room than only light up a small area, so using table lamps can usually lower your electricity bills. Additionally, modern table lamps usually offer the feature of adjustable brightness, you can choose the lower brightness level to save the energy, and ease your eyes when you don’t need to focus on something.

Table lamps are smarter than wall lights

Some table lamps offer a 60-minute timer. After touching the timer icon, you can read on the bed and fall asleep naturally without worrying that the light would be up all night long.
More table lamps usually offer different brightness levels and color temperature to suit different activities, and even a memory function to save your last configuration.
Some table lamps offer different colors so that you can make your room romantic. There are usually two options: choose a fixed color, or make it cycling automatically.
Check out this post to see best table lamps that were selected by FirstElegance team : Best table lamps in 2017
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Buy portable, multi-functional light

So you don’t need to buy different lights for different places and different occasions. For example, below lamp has built-in rechargeable Li-on battery and a retractable hanging strap, so it can be either put on a table or hung up above head.

Another example is,


In conclusion, this solution is smart because of

  • motion sensor
  • solar panel
  • touch control
  • configurable
  • memory function
  • color auto cycling

, and is cheap because

  • products themselves are cheap
  • solar panel to lower the electricity bills
  • table lamp to brighten less area and choose lower brightness level
  • buy one multi-functional light instead of multiple lights



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