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Muzagroo Art Oil Painting Hand Painted on Canvas Cute Frog with Glasses Pictures for Wall
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What is oil painting?

This is a technique that involves mixing pigments with drying oils. The most commonly used drying oils include poppy seed oil, linseed oil, safflower oil and walnut oil. The consistency of the color is very important. The paint is referred as standard when its smooth and buttery paste, but when more flowing paint is required, a pure gum turpentine is added and mixed with the paint. It’s important to note that the choice of the oil determines the properties of the oil plant, which includes the amount of yellowing or the drying time. That means an artist can use different oils in his painting to capture the specific pigments and desired effects.


Oil is the most widely used medium in the history of Western painting. The use of oil painting in Europe dates back in 12th century; however, clarity in color and 3-dimensional form was well mastered by Dutch painters. It is believed that Indian and Chinese were the first people to use oil paint between 5th and 10th century although it gained popularity in the 15th century. Eventually the oil paint become the main medium used for artworks due to its advantages. In the recent times, water-miscible oil plant has gained the prominence and its now replacing the traditional oil paint.

The main benefits of oil paints are the depth of color and flexibility. These paints can also be applied in different ways, from the thin glazes by diluting with turpentine to very dense thick impasto. Oil paint blends very well with other surrounding paints and can be left in the open for a long period of time. Apart from being slow in drying, oil paints are known to be luminous, in addition to having hardwearing colors. Because it takes longer to dry, artists have an opportunity to continue working the paint for a longer time compared to other paints. This gives a room for blending and layering.

Oil painting has become one of most exciting ways to create art. These wall arts help us to brighten our room and create a beautiful space that is warm and welcoming. However, most of us feel intimidated when it comes to choosing the right oil painting decorations for our home or office, when in fact there are ideal ways to learn. You should not be worried at about these artworks since many can easily blend with our home interior decor. To express your personal style, you can use the modern oil painting art and other contemporary wall paintings to create an inspiring collection throughout your home. There are a variety of colors and designs which you select from, while other can also be personalized.

Whatever your style, you can easily get a wall or frame art to match your taste. Whether its awesome art print, funky frame or colorful canvas you’re seeking, it’s all available for you. These art works can also be used to encapsulate special memories like showcasing your holiday collection in addition to accentuating your home with vibrant colors. Custom wall art will definitely add a perfect finishing touch to your home or office. Oil paintings feature many vibrant patterns and bold designs that will create your living room a unique space. However, you need to know what you want in order to make it happen. Take time to visualize before you can decide on any oil paintings to use on your wall. In case you’re worried about the prices, go for budget-friendly wall art which are available in the market.

Why oil painting is preferred when it comes to painting?

If you’re wondering how you can take your wall space a notch higher, then oil paintings will be the better option for you. The main reasons why oil paint is the preferred choice include luminous, lush, rich, beautiful colors and its workability. In fact, there is no comparison when it to comes to the quality of beauty that you get from the oil paints. These paintings have perfect decorations that can change the look of your living room, dinning room, bedroom, office and corridor. They come in many colors and design which you can choose from. These artworks are perfect choice when it comes to wall decorations. They also give you an opportunity to personalize your wall with unique and high-end artwork. Most of the oil paintings are light weight and easy to hang.

Oil paint art helps to feed your creative soul by adding color, depth, style and texture to your home. This type of painting express who you’re and also your personal aesthetic. The good news is that you can do all that without having to break your wallet. There many designs that are available for you to select, such as handcrafted pieces, high quality reproductions and stunning photography, just to name a few. Most of the original handpainted abstracts are designed using soothing neutrals that helps to complement different style decors. The wide range of colors, styles and textures will allow you to create a perfect wall gallery. It’s also important to go for stunning designer artwork if you like to make sophisticated statement. Different types of contemporary artwork will add a splash of elegance and beauty to your decor.

The love for artwork cannot be hidden. This is because it is reflected in the way we choose what to do with our living room, bedroom and kitchen. Not forgetting the love for art can also be reflected by the way we dress and speak. Therefore, if you are an art lover, your home is the best place to express yourself by displaying some novelty wall art. If you have small children, oil paintings can used to decorate the baby bedroom or play room by adding colorful wall artwork. This will brighten up their room and hence change their mood. Animal themed is the most common oil paintings even though the choices are endless.

Best Oil Paintings — reviews and top picks in 2017

Phoenix Decor-Abstract Canvas Wall Art Paintings on Canvas for Wall Decoration Modern Painting Wall Decor Stretched and Framed Ready to Hang 3 Piece Canvas Art

Phoenix Decor-Abstract Canvas Wall Art Paintings on Canvas for Wall Decoration Modern Painting Wall Decor Stretched and Framed Ready to Hang 3 Piece Canvas Art

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This is a pretty nice piece of art that will blend easily with your interior decor. Phoenix wall art comes in four colors that include black, gray, rust and earth tones. This piece looks amazing on the wall although its slightly smaller than you may see on the picture. It’s nicely framed using the wood to support the stretched canvas. And that means its ready to hang. We can simply say, its a perfect choice for your wall decoration. You can use these wall art paintings in your living room, bedroom or office. If you’re also thinking about right gift to give to your friend, then this also a good choice.
It’s important to note that its a print on the canvas and not an oil painting.

  • Very easy to hang
  • It is light weight
  • Reasonable Price
  • Great set of pictures that are well lined up
  • It has rich and vibrant colors
  • Slightly smaller

Wieco Art 4-Piece Elegant Flowers Stretched and Framed Hand-Painted Modern Canvas Wall Art

Wieco Art 4-Piece Elegant Flowers Stretched and Framed Hand-Painted Modern Canvas Wall Art

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It’s a beautiful frameless hand painted wall art with deep colors. Some of these colors are brown, dark brown, white, small gold and dark wine, just to mention a few. This wall art comes with the hooks that makes it easy to hang. The edges are also painted and each of the panel is wrapped with a plastic bag to protect the wall art. In addition, each canvas art is actually custom made. This piece of art is a perfect choice for your wall decor, office or home decorations and can also be a great gift for your family members and friends.

It’s a large piece of artwork which will take a decent amount of your space. It also comes with the hooks that makes it easy to hanging since it has no frames. Avoid placing it on a purple wall since the artwork has dark brown colors on the border while the rest of design is in dark orange and brown colors.

  • 100% hand-painted artwork
  • High quality canvas art
  • Easy to hang
  • It’s light weight
  • Comes in large size which can be great for master bedroom
  • The plastic film layer provides the protection of the artwork
  • The price is slightly higher

Santin Art – Modern Abstract Painting Wall Decor Landscape Paintings

Santin Art Modern Abstract Painting Wall Decor Landscape Paintings

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This is a great artwork that comes in black, red, blue and gray colors with a hangable canvas. The painting is perfect for your living room and bedroom. It is advisable to use velcro command strips instead of command hooks for hanging the artwork. The canvas is durable and can easily be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth. The piece is normally packed in the carton box. Santin landscape paintings will make your bedroom a unique space that you’ll love to spend time resting with your loved one. Although this artwork comes in smaller size, you can also order a larger size.
It is not ideal for bathroom space since its material cannot last longer in the bathroom. Santin Painting has hangable canvas instead of frames.

  • Extremely light weight
  • Look nice on the wall
  • Has excellent decorations
  • Good price
  • It is smaller than what is in the picture.
  • It is smaller than what is in the picture.

Asdam Art-3D Canvas Paintings

Asdam Art - 3D Oil Paintings On Canvas Elegant White Vase Abstract Artwork Wall Art

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This painting has an elegant vase with beautiful white flowers. Other dominating colors in this artwork include grey, warm browns and blue. Asdam oil painting also consists of deep gallery back in a well wrapped stretched canvas. It has painted edges with great decorations that are perfect for office, bedroom, living room, hotel, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and many other places.
This piece of artwork is usually framed unlike other wall art we have mentioned. The price is higher compared to other 4 artworks in this review.

  • High quality oil paintings
  • Absolutely gorgeous 3D painting
  • Easy to hang and its also very sturdy
  • Comes in different styles for you to choose
  • Light weight
  • Price is slightly higher

Muzagroo Art Oil Painting Hand Painted on Canvas Cute Frog with Glasses Pictures for Wall

Muzagroo Art Oil Painting Hand Painted on Canvas Cute Frog with Glasses Pictures for Wall

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Muzagroo art features a cute frog with glasses. The happy frog is hand painted on canvas that is stretched and framed, and ready to hang. With this type of artwork, it’s possible to customize the shape and color of the frog you want. It has wooden inner frame only, which makes it easy to hang out of box. Its also wrapped in plastic bag to protect the paint. This wall painting is perfect to living room, corridor, bedroom and hotel.

  • Perfect oil painting
  • Has vibrant colors
  • Great price
  • Has great dimensions and texture
  • Well packaged
  • No outer frame, and therefore has raw edges.

Check the available space and natural light

Bringing the piece art that you love in your room requires money, time and emotion. That means before you decide to buy an oil painting carefully find the perfect place to hang your piece. This will ensure that the wall art that you choose works for you. First, before you pick that hammer you have to consider a few things in order to save your time and frustration that might arise. Consider placing your artwork where there is enough natural light. If you’re planning to hang a gallery wall or more than one piece of art, you need to measure the available space. This will give you an idea on the size wall art to choose. Also aim to hang your art at an average eye level which is usually 55-60″ from the floor the center point of your artwork. Finally consider the distance between bottom edge of your wall art and your furniture’s top edge where you intend hang the artwork.

Check existing interior design

They say – if you love it then buy it. But before you do that, you need to keep in mind the color(s) of your interior decor that will match with your art. We all agree that art is a personal choice and once you have it in your home, you’ll be seeing it everyday. Therefore you must consider the appearance of your interior design in order to bring life and a great dimension to your space. Remember art helps you to say something about you and that why you need make it interesting for your family members, friends and guests.

Oil painting on paper VS on Canvas

Oil painting can be done on a wide range of supports and therefore it depends on what you like. Some people prefer the ‘feel’ of the support used, while other want artwork with heavy paint. Budget is another factor that will help you determine whether to go for paper or canvas oil paintings. Professional linen are quite expensive. Paper artwork is without doubt the most popular surface, but it is not durable compared to canvas artwork. Canvas is the traditional surface for paintings. Stretched canvas which are very common are lightweight and inexpensive.

Framed VS unframed

Unframed canvas are quite popular compared to framed ones. It’s understood that large over-sized artwork feels right when unframed. However, the major difference between the framed and unframed is that you have to pay for the frames as well as pay extra for shipping, but its ready to hang. For the unframed piece, you pay less for shipping, but you’ll be required to framed it yourself. Framed canvas artworks are lovely and actually feel more completed in a more classical or traditional setting. Finally, framed artwork show the high quality of artwork, but when poorly done it can complicate the beauty of art, especially when it comes to modern abstract art.

Hand painted VS Machine painted

When buying an oil painting artwork, you need to understand the major difference between machine painted and hand painted artwork. Machine painted paintings are created using the digital equipment. They’re recreations of the original work. On the other hand, hand painted art are genuine and clearly demonstrate the human prowess when it comes to creativity. Choosing between the two pieces of art will largely depend on your taste. Also, when it comes to price, there is a clear disparity, which means your budget should guide you on the piece to consider. Hand painted are quite popular with the art lovers across the globe.

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