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YETI Rambler Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler with Lid
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Why should you buy Stainless Steel Mugs?

Stainless steel mugs are becoming very popular in society today. More and more people are discovering their merits. There are numerous reasons to get these types of mugs. To begin with, they are virtually unbreakable. This is music to the ears of many people. With less breakage, this means that homes can cut costs significantly. These mugs are also durable and are very easy to clean. Another reason why many people love them is because they do not absorb odors or flavors. In addition, they are stylish and attractive. Many can be customized to suit your needs as well. This article reviews the best stainless steel mugs in 2017.

Best Stainless Steel Mugs — reviews and top picks in 2017

YETI Rambler Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler with Lid

YETI Rambler Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler with Lid

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Yeti is hands down the leader when it comes to making top notch stainless steel mugs. This product is not just kitchen-grade but it is made to last a lifetime. With durable and rust-proof properties, it serves you in a superior way. The mug is fitted with a double-wall vacuum insulation to make sure that your drinks are maintained in the ideal temperatures. For the grip, there is no need to find a holder because it comes in a no-sweat design. This mug is also delightful because it comes with a secure lid. Because it is shatter-resistant, the lid is safe for the dishwasher. You can also choose various sizes to suit your individual needs. RTIC Tumbler comes close to this product in terms of benefits at a lower price.

  • The mug will keep drinks ice cold or hot as you desire
  • The product is BPA free and is perfectly safe for the dishwasher
  • Your hands will stay dry when handling the mug
  • Can be used with standard size cup holders
  • Durable and rust-proof
  • A trusted leading brand in the industry
  • Brand prone to counterfeiting by copycats
  • There are cheaper mugs with similar features

Stainless Steel Coffee Beer Tea Mugs – 14 Oz Double Walled Insulated – Set of 2 Avito – Best Value – BPA Free Healthy Choice – Shatterproof

Stainless Steel Coffee Beer Tea Mugs

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These are high quality mugs made using pure materials that are free from toxins. They are a set of two mugs. They are durable and rust-proof to give you a wonderful experience with your drink. They come with a vacuum air seal to make sure that your cold drinks are cold and that your hot drinks stay hot. The smooth steel finish is adorable with a nice design to it. They add personality to your space. The mugs come with a big capacity so that you can enjoy your drinks as desired. When looking for a similar product with a lid, consider the FineDine Premium Coffee Mugs.

  • They come with a double-wall design to keep temperatures of your drinks ideal
  • They are free from BPA and other harmful toxins
  • The thick stainless steel material is made to last a very long time
  • They are smooth and easy to handle without sweating
  • Very appealing to the eye making for wonderful gift items
  • Some people claim that this product keeps drinks as warm as ceramic mugs do
  • Other claims have suggested that these mugs are not truly made of stainless steel

Star Wars Darth Vader 12 oz. Stainless Steel Self Stirring Travel Mug – Mix Your Drink with the Force

Star Wars Darth Vader 12 oz. Stainless Steel Self Stirring Travel Mug

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If you are a fan of Star Wars, this is a mug that will make you feel nice as you travel. It is designed to keep your drinks warm. The exterior is made of stainless steel while the interior is made of plastic. The mug features a cool and iconic image of Darth Vader. The catchy phrase stating ‘The Force is Strong with This One’ also features on the mug. This is definitely an invigorating mug while traveling. The fact that it is a self stirring mug makes all the difference. However, if you are looking for a cheaper self stirring mug, consider the Self Stirring Coffee Mug by Silk Thread. If you prefer the image of Yoda with the catch phrase ‘Feel The Force’, You can buy the Star Wars Yoda Self Stirring Travel Mug.

  • A great acquisition for a Star Wars fan
  • Keeps your drink warm as desired
  • Comes fitted with a self stirring mechanism
  • Comes with a lid making travel easy
  • Has a cool design theme making it a great gift item
  • Can only be hand washed
  • Batteries are not included
  • Plastic on the inside

MyHomeIdeas Stainless Steel Bamboo Mug with Lid and Handle – Natural Wood Wooden Light Coffee Tea Mug – 11 oz Non-breakable Design – 100% Eco And Environmentally Safe

MyHomeIdeas Stainless Steel Bamboo Mug with Lid and Handle

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This is a very unique mug that is environmentally friendly and safe. It is enclosed with a layer of natural bamboo while the inside is made up of recycled stainless steel. It has a bamboo handle making it very comfortable to hold or handle. It is free from all manner of toxins and is highly safe for use by children. It is also made using an elegant design to make it suitable for home decor. It is ideal for coffee and tea and will keep the temperatures ideal for a longer time. If you are looking to diversify elegance, you can consider the Wazzala Reusable Bamboo Eco Friendly Travel Mug. Another similar product that is ideal for travel is the Morning Wood Premium Bamboo Coffee Mug.

  • Because of the double-wall insulation, drinks will be kept in the right temperatures
  • Safe mugs used with clean materials free from toxins
  • Stylish bamboo surface which is easy to handle even for children
  • Designed to be unbreakable making it very durable
  • Comes with a detachable lid
  • Safe for the dishwasher
  • The lid will not prevent spills 100%
  • Smaller in size than may be anticipated

Stainless Steel Mug+11oz, Premium Portable Vacuum Bottle, Creative Cat Presents Mini Trave Cup (Gift Bottle Brush) Black

Stainless Steel Mug+11oz Premium Portable Vacuum Bottle Creative Cat Presents Mini Trave Cup

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This is a cute mini travel mug made using high quality stainless steel. The lid is made using food-grade silicone ensuring that there are no spills. It comes with good thermal insulation abilities keeping drinks hot for up to 7 hours. The cat design is adorable making it a special gift item of choice. There are several colors to choose from including white, black, pink and blue. The mug can be used in different places including while traveling, in school, at the office or for any outdoor activities. It comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee just in case you do not like it. ONEISALL Kids Thermos Mug is very similar to this product albeit a little more expensive. For a different cat design, you can consider the Hello Dream Cute Cat Mug which is actually cheaper; both adult and kid mugs are available.

  • Comes with a water tight lid for easy travel and use
  • Made using safe materials that are free from toxins
  • Keeps drinks hot for up to 7 hours
  • Comes in variety of colors
  • Design features a cute cat theme making it an ideal gift item
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee of 30 days
  • Smaller than seen online
  • Must be cleaned with detergent before first use
  • Can get stained in the dishwasher

Vital tips for buying stainless steel mugs

– First, you must choose a mug that will keep your drinks hot or cold as you like. Therefore, go for those with double-wall insulation.

– If you are traveling, you need a mug with a tight lid to keep your drinks from spilling. Some mugs have lids that are completely watertight; they are the best.

– If you like to use your mug with the cup holder in your car, make sure to buy a mug that will fit the dimensions. In addition, buy one with the most suitable capacity to fit your needs.

– Mugs come in various designs and styles. Choose a design that will please you most. For example, Star Wars mugs will please many fans.

– Choose a mug that is easy to handle or one that can be easily used by your child.

– Also, consider whether the mug can be used in your dishwasher or not.

– Compare similar products and buy one that will suit your budget needs as well. There are many cheaper alternatives that can do a good job.

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